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About The Counselors


Bob Kemp, MAC, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MH16213


Holloway Counseling & Consulting LLC

Bob helps people reach their goals by breaking down walls that impede the healing process. Bob seeks to provide hope by working through issues in an environment that is supportive, and balanced by grace and truth. He counsels in the areas of grief, depression and anxiety, trauma, couples counseling, and adolescent issues. Bob works with clients of all ages.


Bob holds a Master of Arts in Counseling degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. Bob is available for counseling sessions at our Port Orange location.

Please Call 386.473.1358

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Robert Reed, MA, RMHCI

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, IMH22069

Holloway Counseling & Consulting LLC

Rob began his counseling career working as a substance abuse counselor in Georgia, before becoming a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in the State of Florida. Prior to becoming a substance abuse counselor, he worked as a personal trainer, helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Rob’s experience as a personal trainer and counselor led him to believe in treating clients with a holistic approach that includes mind, body, and spirit.


Rob has a passion for helping others overcome their personal and mental health obstacles by creating a safe, nonjudgmental environment to express themselves. Rob individualizes the treatment process to each person or couple to provide the maximum benefit. He incorporates a variety of therapies, based on the needs and wants of the client. Rob works with clients struggling with a variety of issues such as substance abuse, process addictions, depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar, processing grief, and more. Rob is available for counseling sessions at our Daytona Beach location.

Please Call 386.473.1358


Rob Olson, MA, RMHCI

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, IMH21368

Daybreak Counseling, LLC

Congratulations on taking your first step! While seeking a counselor might feel daunting, Rob’s desire is to encourage and guide you along the path to healing.


Rob is an Army Veteran who seeks to journey alongside those who come to him for help. You might be a person struggling with anxiety or depression or at a point in your life with a significant change on the horizon. It could be that you lost someone close to you and are agonizing over the grief of that loss. Or maybe there is something else impacting your life that you want to talk through more freely. Wherever you may be in your journey of life, you took the first step by finding this page. Whomever you choose to talk to, congratulations on taking this step. Rob is available for counseling sessions at our Port Orange location.

Please Call 386.405.4128


Ann Grell, RN, LMHC, QCS, HFF

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MH2074

Holloway Counseling & Consulting LLC

Ann looks forward to meeting and working with individuals who are searching for a healthier lifestyle by overcoming deep unconscious beliefs and experiences that are handicapping free flowing of their life energy. She is available to listen and respond to questions and provide information about a life energy approach that can reach deeper levels of awareness for oneself and aid in unblocking long-held obstacles to living a healthier and freer life. Ann is available for counseling sessions at our Port Orange location.

Please Call 386.473.1358


Cheryl Shady, MLSI

Masters Level Student Intern

Daytona Beach Counseling Center

Cheryl is a Masters-Level Graduate Student Intern in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Concordia University, Irvine. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Counseling – Psychology from Trinity College of Florida. She is experienced with children as a tutor and substitute teacher for K-12. She worked as a patient observer at Advent Health Hospital. In addition, Cheryl has worked in cross-cultural settings.

She is a compassionate empathetic mental health counseling intern using a variety of best practices in individual, couples, and family therapy sessions. Cheryl demonstrates a passion for supporting the success of underserved populations. Providing help for navigating life changes, dealing with traumatic experiences, and frequent moves. If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, or just overwhelmed with life call today! Everyone can live a life of purpose and meaning. Cheryl is available for counseling sessions at our Port Orange location.

Please Call 386.405.4128


Jerome McDuffie

ICC Counseling Center

Jerome is a military veteran and retired first responder. He is passionate about assisting the brave men, women, and families who have and continue to serve in so many capacities. He believes in a strong therapeutic relationship. Accordingly, he believes successful therapy stems from a team approach - the team being client and therapist.

ICC prides itself on its culturally competent staff. We feel cultural competence is vital to successful counselor/client relationships. Culturally competent counselors: (1) acknowledge and explore how culture affects their client–counselor relationships; (2) are open to learn your culture; and (3) strive to understand how these factors affect your goals.

Please Call 386.405.4128

Mara Mesa, CPT, EMDR, DBT

Mara Grace Counseling

Mara is a veteran and a trauma-informed therapist passionate about assisting adults with developing or reinforcing their coping skills. She has experience with substance use disorders and co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, and other life circumstances. She is trained in CPT, EMDR, and DBT. She can incorporate Biblical counseling if requested.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she provides a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere where you can feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings.She hopes to assist you in beginning the process of healing and empowerment.

Please Call 386.405.4128

Mara Mesa.heic
Jessica Gibson.JPG

Jessica Gibson

Creation Counseling

Jessica specializes in working with children, teens, and young adults. She creates a safe atmosphere for clients to process their pain and work through problems. She is motivated by compassion and love for people as I work with everyday life concerns, behavioral issues, life transitions, anxiety, depression, life skills, complicated relationships, grief, couples, spiritual concerns, and Christian faith. Ultimately, I seek to help people find true inner healing instead of just treatment.

She specializes in working with children ages 3 to 12 y/o using Child Centered Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Based Play Therapy. She works with teens, young adults, and adults of all ages using traditional Talk Therapy with interventions and skills to help you cope with daily life.

Please Call 386.405.4128

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